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How To Setup and Train A Dog To a Wireless Fence?

If you are a fan of animals or have a dog that you want to train, this article is ideal for you. One of the easiest ways to train your dog not to leave the area where it should be is through a pet fence. These are wired, and wireless containment systems that can be used outdoors and are connected on the ground so your pet can run, walk, and play freely in an open space without fear of it going elsewhere.

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It would help if you taught your dog the essentials of the fence to be much easier for you when training it. This is significant in the installation process and ensures that the fence performs perfectly without any problems.

In case you are already clear that you are going to train your dog, we recommend that the training be firm, consistent, and, at the same time, fun. That way, your friend won't get bored and will enjoy all the exercises. Typically, the training period lasts about 14 days, but depending on how quickly your dog learns, that time can be shortened or increased. We only advise him not to try to do many things too fast, since he can get tired or not learn the right way because of all the pirouettes you will send him to perform.

The estimated time for workouts is between 10 to 15 minutes. Keep in mind that shorter and more frequent sessions give better results than those that are longer. Using the fence, you can increase the exercise days for your pet, shorten them, or add more or less time for the sessions. You won't worry about your dog moving somewhere else that you can't see.

Steps to follow to train your dog

The first day to train your pet is very important since they will be the first steps that it will follow to get used to its fence. Ideally, you should do three sessions of 10 to 15 minutes. This first day's goal is for your dog to recognize the receiver collar warning beep and the boundary flags it should not cross. All this is to be able to define its containment area.

The next step is to set the Static Correction level on the Receiver Collar to Mode 1, which is the Single Tone Training Mode. Afterward, you start walking your dog near the containment area, while praising him and speaking calmly. You take it to the edge of the fence and let the necklace beep for two seconds and remove your friend. Pet him and give him an award for his work. Then you proceed with the same method on three to four containment flags.

On days two to four, your dog must repeat the same steps as on day one, only with the detail that you will increase the static correction of the receiver collar to level two. If your pet still does not comply with the instructions, raise him one more level and leave him at the edge of the fence until he does not feel like going there.

Already for days 5 to 8, the same is repeated in the previous ones. You raise the collar one level higher than two, and this time you must create distractions outside the safe zone to show if your dog is staying on the edge of the fence. If your friend doesn't leave, congratulate him and, if he does, put him back in the safe zone and repeat the procedure.

For days 9 to 14, the sessions should increase their time a little. You must observe if the dog avoids the limits and, if so, you can leave it off the leash and with its reception collar so that it can play, walk and run as much as it wants within the fence.

Between days 15 to 30, you only have to monitor your pet. You can take out the flags for several days until you know that your dog already knows his limits.

Tips to take into account to train your dog:

  • After each training check that your pet is comfortable near the limit flags.
  • Spend five minutes playing with your pet after training.
  • End each session with positive messages and petting your dog.
  • Before starting training, place a non-metallic collar separate from your dog's neck over the receiver collar and attach a leash.
  • Have treats and your dog's favorite stuffed animal on hand.
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